Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New weekly format

Tweak, tweak!

Now that The A&P Professor suite of resources (newsletter, blog, website) have been rolling along a short while, it's time to tweak things a bit to make them more user-friendly.

Starting today, I'm going to try to put my blog posts (and therefore, the newsletter releases) into a weekly format.

So instead of getting individual postings every couple of days, you'll get them grouped together in weekly batches.

I'm hoping that this format will be easier for you to manage . . . and to pick through to find the tidbits most meaningful to you and your teaching situation.

If you are just an occasional blog reader and not a subscriber to the newsletter, I encourage you to subscribe. Just click here to use the handy form. I've got some big plans for the next few months . . . and you don't want to miss out on learning of them as they happen.

[Who's the guy with the oddly combed beard pictured here? Why Tyr, of course. The Norse god of single combat. The guy Tuesday was named after. I know . . . he's hard to recognize here because he's usually depicted with only one hand. This was apparently drawn before he lost it! Now guess which day of the week I'm aiming for in these weekly publications?]

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