Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Muscle: A Gripping Story by Roy Meals | TAPP 142

Get pumped up for Episode 142, where we have the honor of hosting Dr. Roy Meals, the musculoskeletal maestro! ๐Ÿ’ช We're gonna flex our curiosity muscles and explore every nook and cranny of his latest masterpiece, Muscle: The Gripping Story of Strength and Movement. This episode's so dynamic, you might need a protein shake afterward!

  • 0:00:00 | Introduction
  • 0:01:13 | Re-Introducing Dr. Roy Meals
  • 0:04:08 | Muscle Strain & Why We Train
  • 0:13:53 | What Sword Swallowing Teaches Us About Muscle
  • 0:24:49 | Muscle Stories: Learning Should Be Fun
  • 0:38:48 | Staying Connected

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Muscles are in a most intimate and peculiar sense the organs of the will. They have built all the roads, cities and machines in the world, written all the books, spoken all the words, and, in fact done everything that man has accomplished with matter. Character might be in a sense defined as a plexus of motor habits. (G. Stanley Hall)


Re-Introducing Dr. Roy Meals

3 minutes

This segment reacquaints us with Dr. Roy Meals, who previously joined us for a chat about his book about bones back in Episode 82. An orthopedic surgeon and clinical educator, has been turning his talents to creating interesting books about the skeletomuscular aspects of human anatomy and physiology.

★ Roy A. Meals (biography) my-ap.us/2UyHrpy

Bones: Inside and Out—A Chat with Dr. Roy Meals | TAPP 82 (previous episode with Roy Meals)

★ The A&P Professor Book Club | Bones: Inside and Out (read a review, link to booksellers, earn a credential!)

★ Doctors Demystify (Dr. Meals's online mini-courses) AandP.info/mlj

★ Thanks to listener Dr. David Allard, who started me on the path to connecting with Dr. Meals.

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Muscle: A Gripping Story by Roy Meals | TAPP 142 

Muscle Strain & Why We Train

9.5 minutes

Join Kevin Patton and Dr. Roy Meals in this segment as they reunite and discuss Roy's new book about muscles. They begin by unravelling the mysteries of muscle health and strength. In this captivating conversation, you'll learn why muscles don't actually "tear" and discover the multifaceted benefits of strength training. Get ready to challenge your preconceptions!

★ Muscle: The Gripping Story of Strength and Movement (the book we're discussing in this episode) geni.us/Bv5fpQU

★ The A&P Professor Book Club | Musle: The Gripping Story of Strength and Movement (read a review, link to booksellers, earn a credential!)

★ The Silent Teacher Special | Episode 49 (where Kevin first discusses training to be a body donor)


What Sword Swallowing Teaches Us About Muscle

11 minutes

In this segment, Roy and Kevin delve into the unusual art of sword swallowing and how it relates to the role of smooth muscles in the body. Dr. Meals also highlights the underappreciated significance of smooth muscles and their prevalence throughout the body. The conversation touches on the cardiac muscle's incredible durability, as well as the remarkable adaptations of tails in various animals.

★ How to Survive Swallowing a Sword (brief video on what is meant by "sword swallowing") AandP.info/v0v

★ Hadji Ali (clip from a Laurel & Hardy movie showing famed spouter [regurgitation artist], an example of something Roy brings up in this segment) AandP.info/fsm


Muscle Stories: Learning Should Be Fun

14 minutes

Dr. Roy Meals and Kevin Patton discuss teaching strategies used in Dr. Meals' book on muscles, focusing on storytelling and making learning enjoyable. They emphasize the importance of clear and engaging communication in teaching complex concepts. Dr. Meals shares how teaching helps him clarify his own understanding, and Patton expresses gratitude for the practical teaching resources provided in Roy's muscle book.

★ Link to Roy's blog, Muscle and Bone aboutbone.com/ or muscleandbone.info



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