Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Ungrading With Standards-Based Grading | A Chat With Staci Johnson | TAPP 106

Dr. Staci Johnson joins host Kevin Patton for a chat about how she uses ungrading with standards-based grading in her anatomy and physiology course. What is ungrading? Can one ease into it? Does it work? Plus, a related Book Club recommendation!

00:00 | Introduction

00:48 | Ungrading

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03:41 | Dr. Staci Johnson

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24:55 | More Ungrading

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45:52 | Long Winter's Nap

48:32 | Book Club: Ungrading

51:43 | Staying Connected

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The more their attention is directed to how well they’re doing, the less engaged they tend to be with what they’re doing. (Susan D. Blum)



2 minutes

Recent episodes of this podcast have called into question the common practices in grading, which leads us to a discussion of the movement called ungrading in this episode. In later segments, we chat with Dr. Staci Johnson of Southern Wesleyan University, who is experimenting with ungrading in her courses.

★ Staci Johnson's website stacinjohnson.com

Grading for Proficiency | Book Club: The One World School House | TAPP 103

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★ Ungrading: an FAQ (from Jesse Stommel, a veteran of ungrading) AandP.info/ungrading-faq-1fcf92

★ Grades are dehumanising, but ‘ungrading’ is no simple solution (also from Jesse Stommel) AandP.info/grades-dehumanising-e6a0dc

Ungrading With Standards-Based Grading | A Chat With Staci Johnson


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Dr. Staci Johnson

20.5 minutes

The first of a two-part conversation, Staci Johnson explains what she means by ungrading with standards-based grading. Then she begins her description of ways she's been implementing these strategies in her courses.

★ Ungrading (episode 350 of Teaching in Higher Ed podcast with guest Susan D. Blum, editor of Ungrading book; mentioned in this episode) AandP.info/susan-blum-dcf0a1

★ Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) (book by Susan D. Blum mentioned in this episode) https://geni.us/GY9Ds6

★ Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time (book by Linda B. Nilson mentioned in this episode)  geni.us/QBoWd9W

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More Ungrading

20 minutes

Second of our two-part conversation with Staci Johnson about ungrading with standards-based grading in the anatomy and physiology course. In this segment we learn more about how things are working in Staci's courses.


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Long Winter's Nap

2.5 minutes

This is the last episode of 2021. The next episode is planned for release in the third week of January 2022. That episode will be a look back at the last year, including checking out how Kevin's predictions from last year's January episode worked out. There will be new predictions for the coming year, plus some goals for new habits and new things to try. Why not call in your predictions or plans for the upcoming year? The hotline is open!

86 | What a Year! | Pandemic Teaching & More | A Reflection (last year's January episode)


Book Club

3 minutes

Our new recommendation for The A&P Professor Book Club for Anatomy and Physiology Faculty is:

★ Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead)

★ Edited by Susan D. Blum


★ Book club entry: TAPP Book Club #42

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Book cover of Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) Susan D. Blum


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