Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need a tissue?

The official announcement came at the end of last week:

The new Human Anatomy & Physiology (HAPS) Histology Image Database is now available!

This is a "wiki" project that is comprised of an online community of A&P professors who contribute photographs of different human tissues to be used in the "public domain" for A&P education. That means you have permission to use them for PowerPoint presentations, test items, case studies, lab demonstrations and quizzes, wallpaper for your computer . . . whatever you can think of.

[WARNING: In reality, there may be some copyright-restricted images peppered throughout the database. However, these are to have clear copyright statements attached to them so that you can tell which have restrictions.]

Details about how to use the wiki are found at the histology page at the HAPS website.

The image database is located at hapshistology.wetpaint.com but you can't get in without an invitation.

I'm a member of the wiki, so I can invite you . . . just email me at info@theapprofessor.org and tell me
  • if you are a HAPS member (or not a HAPS member)
  • where you teach A&P and
  • that you want to join the HAPS Histology wiki.
You don't have to be a member of HAPS to join the wiki, but you'll find that you'll want to join this organization after you start interacting with us. And you'll get a higher level of privileges in the wiki if you are a HAPS member, too!

To join HAPS go to the membership invitation page at the HAPS website.

And stay tuned, because I'll soon be sharing some FREE PowerPoint slides based on some of these images!

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Kevin Patton said...

A word of clarification . . .

If you seek an invitation to the HAPS wiki through the HAPS webpage, then you still must verify your HAPS membership status in your invitation request.

Of course, you need to do that if I invite you as well.

This is so we know how to enter you into the wiki community.

The invitation requires that you register (free) with the wetpaint.com service (unless you are already a member).

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