Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I dropped it!

Last week I posted an article about drop.io, the exciting new service that allows you to create a FREE virtual dropbox for student assignments, course announcements, resources, whatever.

This past Saturday, I called in an announcement to show you how you can do the same. If you had previously visited our sample drop.io drop and signed up for an email or text or other alert, then you got the message and may have already logged into the drop to listen to the message.

[I know what you are wondering. The answer is "yes." ALL my voicemail messages are long and rambling. You have been warned!]

The voicemail also gave you an early alert to the new HAPS histology image collection that I described in another post today.

If you didn't previous visit the drop, or you did visit but forgot to sign up for an alert, it's not too late! Go back to the original post and get the login info (and save it for future reference!).

Then go into the drop and sign up for an alert. Or more than one kind of alert, just to see how they work.

And then when I add more stuff (and I will, because I want to see what can be done with it, too!) you'll be notified and you'll get the same experience as a student might.

Or even better . . . set up your OWN drop. Perhaps you have a resource to share with other A&P professors? Or perhaps a voicemail telling us about some little (or big) thing you've tried in your course that you want to share? A good joke, perhaps?

Then post the login info at The A&P Professor blog as a comment to this (or any) posted article.

We can then go in and access your material . . . and you'll get practice in using this handy FREE resource before using it in your course. Hopefully, we can dialog on how to best use it or what pitfalls to avoid.

Speaking of which, I have a pit I nearly fell in:

If you lose your admin login password there is NOTHING you can do to recover it! NOTHING. Well, OK, you can do something (like scream) but it won't get you in as administrator of the drop.

I thought I lost my admin password for this sample drop. Luckily, I did manage to find it . . . before the screaming started . . . but take this as a lesson! SAVE YOUR ADMIN PASSWORD!

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