Monday, May 21, 2018

Kevin's Unofficial Guide to the HAPS Annual Conference | TAPP Bonus Episode

Getting ready for the annual conference of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS)? Long-timer Kevin Patton gives some tips on how to get the most out of your experience, including Kevin's Law of Professional Development.


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"I learn SO much at these things!"
Kevin Patton (at every HAPS Annual Conference since 1990)


Kevin's Guide

(0:37) Bonus Episode Intro

(2:00) Kevin's Guide

  • You do NOT need a guide to the HAPS Annual Conference!
  • My creds for being your guide.

(4:04) Way Before the Conference

  • Early bird registration rate
  • Conference hotel block
  • Get to know the HAPS staff (including Skelly)

(7:51) Just Before the Conference

  • HAPS app and website
  • Read up on speakers and workshops
  • Business cards
  • Dress business casual, more or less (mostly less)
    • Don't forget your HAPSwear!

(16:11) Conference Basic Plan

  • Opening reception
  • Update seminars
  • Workshops

(18:44) Update Days

Kevin's Law of Professional Development

If I learn just ONE useful thing in a professional development experience, it's worth it.

(30:45) Workshop Days

  • Workshops
  • Committee meetings

(35:34) Other Stuff

(38:28) After the Meeting

(40:01) Subscribe

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