Saturday, May 26, 2018

Contour Drawing Helps Students Learn Anatomy | TAPP Episode 18

TAPP APP now available! (2 min)
Introduction to Paul Krieger (2 min)
Contour drawing for anatomy with Paul Krieger (19 min)
Change to a biweekly podcast schedule (1 min)


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Jean Fernel once wrote, "Anatomy is to physiology as geography is to history. It describes the theater of events."


(0:44) This episode announces the availability of the dedicated app for this podcast--the TAPPradio app or TAPP APP. Kevin mentions the Android version, but after production, the Apple iOS app also became available. The app will provide some bonus materials and will usually have episodes available about 6 hours before they are released to other channels. It's the easiest way to keep up with this podcast!



(2:30) Paul Krieger of Grand Rapids Community College is a long-time professor and the author of Morton Publishing's Visual Analogy Guide series. Kevin and Paul have been friends and collaborators for over 15 years.



contour drawing

(6:10) In an interview with Kevin, Paul Krieger discusses a teaching experiment he is trying with his community college students that involves drawing as a pre-lab activity. Contour drawing, or outlining, organs can help students get a good sense of the general structure of organs they'll see during the lab activity. Hand labeling the sketches adds additional learning opportunities. Paul describes his method for moving students slowly and simply through a series of easy steps using PowerPoint slides.


(22:26) The summer break is a great time to switch to a slower pace for this podcast. After a series of weekly episodes, TAPP Radio now shifts to a twice-a-month goal for new episodes. Thanks for your support!


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