Monday, April 16, 2018

Playful & Serious Is the Perfect Combo for A&P | TAPP Radio 13


Why the term meatus is weird. (3 min)
Convenient ways to subscribe to TAPP Radio. (2 min)
Playfulness and analogies have a role in storytelling. (14 min)
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(0:46) The term meatus is properly pluralized as meatus or meatuses (not meati)
(3:31) There are a lot of options for convenient listening to this podcast!
pop-up frog toys

(5:19) Kevin explains why he thinks storytelling is the heart of effective teaching, especially in the A&P course. He outlines the "storytelling persona"; making sure there is a beginning, middle, and end to our stories, applying storytelling to both lectures and the entire course, using drama, conflict and resolution, and other techniques.
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Margaret Reece said...

When using an analogy, be sure to watch the students’ faces. A quick look around the room provides a lot of feedback regarding whether their thinking is going in direction planned. At times, phases so familiar to us make no sense to others. In those cases, humor is often a savior.

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