Sunday, January 24, 2010

Now's the time for FREE student bookmarks!

It's time once again to get our students thinking about ways to organize their time and implement some study strategies and learning shortcuts so they can survive and thrive in a new semester of A&P.

What better way to start a new semester than with the blog that's all about student survival and success . . . The A&P Student?

Just send them to for tips, tricks, resources, and secrets to success in A&P.

To help them find it (and remember it) . . . and start off the semester by giving them gifts . . . why not order some FREE eyeball bookmarks to give them?  Just go to the EYEBALL BOOKMARK page at The A&P Professor to order yours now!

Even if your students don't use the blog with all the FREE learning resources, at least they'll have a cool anatomy bookmark to use, eh?

And don't forget to tell them about the handy Survival Guide For Anatomy And Physiology: Tips, Techniques And Shortcuts

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