Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FREE cardio images for your A&P course

Although the images in the textbook I use are excellent, I often want to supplement my presentations or outlines with additional images.  

For example, a photo of Karl Landsteiner working in his lab can add a bit to the discussion about blood types.  An unlabeled heart diagram might be just the thing I need to add an alternate question to my online test bank.  Dramatic micrographs, medical images, and animations can spark and hold the interest of my students.

I've recently added a few more FREE images to the Image Library at The A&P Professor website in these areas:
Click on any link above to get to these images.

This is a work in progress, so I don't have a huge number of images yet.  Check back frequently to look for more images as I add them.

If you have any additional images to suggest, send the source URL to me and I'll add it.  If you have images of your own that you are willing to donate to the image library, let me know that, too.  Just contact me at

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