Sunday, January 24, 2010

More graduate biology courses at the HAPS Conference

OK, so you missed out on that cool cadaver class presented by HAPS Institute (HAPS-I) in San Diego this winter . . . because it filled up faster than I could tell you about it!  But now's your second chance for some great graduate biology courses especially for teachers of human anatomy and physiology courses:

1. Advances in Anatomy and Physiology 2010  (Ellen Arnestad and Kevin Patton)

2. Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology: The Heart at Work and at Rest (Robert Carroll)

3. Concepts in Human Embryology (Valerie O'Loughlin)

4. Molecular and Cellular Basis of Disease (Kelly McDonald)
These are great courses that feature both useful content about human A&P and experience with best practices in teaching these subjects.  These are courses that are MEANINGFUL to what you do every day in your own teaching.  And you'll be there with folks just like you . . . who teach secondary, college, and university A&P.

Each course earns you 2 graduate credits from the Biology Department of the University of Washington (Seattle). 

These courses begin with online work on April 13, involve seminars and/or workshops during the Denver HAPS Conference (May 29 - June 3), and continue with online work through August 19.  Each syllabus has additional details.  Conference registration (plus lodging, meals, and transportation, if needed) is required (in addition to HAPS-I course fees). 

Want to know more? 

Remember . . . THESE COURSES FILL EARLY.  So you want to get on this ASAP.  I mean it this time!

In fact, some spots have already been taken by past HAPS-I Scholars and by members of the HAPS-I Update email list, who all received notice of these course openings a few days ago.  (If you want prior notice of HAPS-I courses, go to to subscribe to either the HAPS-I Scholars Google Group or the HAPS-I Update Google Group.)

Registration is now open at

For more information on the HAPS Annual Conference in Denver, go to


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