Monday, July 13, 2009

Placenta, anyone?

OK, if you have a weak stomach DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS MESSAGE.

Or better, I just won't even comment on this one . . . just read it for yourself:
Cooking with Joel Stein: How to Eat a Placenta
Joel Stein
Discover Discoblog accessed online 9 July 2009
[no comment!]
Want a FREE slide with a photo of a placenta? Click here for a slide from the Lion Den Slide Collection. FYI this is a "family photo" . . . the placenta seen in the image was photographed shortly after the birth of my youngest son, Luke. The maternal side of the placenta is clearly visible.

FYI, we ate SALAD and BURGERS for dinner that evening!

For more FREE slides, see FREE SLIDES at The A&P Professor website.

To access FREE editable slides from the Lion Den Slide Collection, including "bonus slides" not seen on the website, then go here.

{Click here to access the FREE image seen in this blog post . . . although I think a sprig of cilantro and contrasting cloth placemat would have made for a better presentation.}

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