Monday, July 13, 2009

The A&P Professor toolbar

The A&P Professor now has a new toolbar that you can add to your browser.

Besides a high-speed Google search box, the new toolbar has a list of news feed headlines related to A&P, human science, and teaching that I've selected especially for A&P professors.

The toolbar also features a handy drop-down list of direct links to FREE stuff for A&P professors . . . FREE images, FREE slides, FREE books and journals, and many other useful resources.

There's also a tiny "radio" that I've preloaded with podcasts from science sources . . . or just use it to play your favorite internet radio station (mine is set to NPR)

Plus, you can add your own features such as local weather, email notifications, and more.

The toolbar is SAFE, FREE, and if you don't like it, you can completely uninstall it in less than a minute.

Want to know more?
Click here for details:
The A&P Professor toolbar

toolbar powered by Conduit

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