Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Here's another free source of videos you may be able to use in your A&P courses . . . it's called TeacherTube and it's sort of like an educational version of YouTube.

In my recent blog article Using YouTube in A&P, I revealed some of the benefits of using YouTube in your course . . . or even creating YouTube videos. Click here to see my own fledgling YouTube channel.

My friend Dave Willmore, one of our distance-learning gurus here at SCC, suggested that I also take a look at TeacherTube. I'm glad I did! Although its not nearly as huge as YouTube, this site has the benefit of being all about teaching and learning. Therefore, the videos are more or less already pre-filtered if you are looking for educational material. You can even select "college" or "secondary" levels as you sift through your search results to get material meaningful for your own students. When users upload their videos, they can also attach support files such as handouts, quizzes, worksheets, etc.

Apparently, the terms of use at TeacherTube are a little more favorable to content owners than are the terms at YouTube . . . but why don't we let our attorneys figure that out for us, eh?

If you find any good demos, tutorials, animations, or other gems at TeacherTube, please post a "comment" on this article with a link to the video . . . share and share alike.

[If you don't see the video viewer in your newsletter or feed version of this article, please go to The A&P Professor blog site to view it. Want to learn how to embed YouTube videos in your blog, website, or Powerpoint? Check it out at The A&P Professor website.]

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