Sunday, August 3, 2008

Free Journals?

Yes! FREE journals you can use to supplement your teaching of A&P . . . or simply keep up to date.

I mentioned in my previous post that I would come back to the idea of free journals. I want to bring up the fact that as A&P teachers, updates we glean from the journals not only increases our own understanding of human biology but also gives us something to bring to the classroom. When we can say that we "just read an article that" questions, disputes, or further clarifies what is the textbook then we bring active science into the classroom. We demonstrate that scientific understanding is dynamic and not static . . . that it evolves through dialog, debate, and continuous experimentation and observation.

Another way to bring the latest publications to the classroom is to provide links to students. Such links could be used simply as a way for students with an interest--or a question--in a course topic to easily find more to chew on. Or they could be used as optional or required assigned readings. Or could be used in conjunction with case study activities.

If you have other ideas for using links to free science journal or magazine articles in an A&P class, then hit the "Comments" button and let's here them!

I'm building a list of free journals related to A&P on The A&P Professor website, so now you have a place to start!

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