Monday, August 4, 2008

Cadaver scholarship

Remember that course in USING HUMAN CADAVERS TO TEACH A&P that I told you about?

Some of you were asking about funding and scholarships!

Yes! It's true . . . we now have scholarships available for HAPS Institute courses, thanks to Morton Publishing.

For information on the scholarships, go to and click the link to the Grants and Scholarship page (FYI, it's in the members-only section).

What better way to use it than for that Using Cadavers to Teach A&P course I told you about yesterday?

You can use this scholarship for other HAPS Institute courses instead.

We're still arranging the schedule of our other courses. Make sure that you subscribe to the The A&P Professor Newsletter to stay informed about the HAPS-I schedule! Or subscribe to the HAPS-I Update Google Group.

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