Monday, January 14, 2019

Big Ideas: The Essential Concepts of A&P | TAPP Episode 35

0:39 | Cholesterol & ApoB in Cardiac Risk
5:48 | How Oxytocin Works
9:49 | Sponsored by HAPS
10:11 | Smell Affects Cortisol / Stress
14:38 | Sponsored by AAA
14:52 | Featured topic 2: Big Ideas - Essential Concepts in A&P
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The big ideas are usually simple ideas. (David Ogilvy)

1 | Cholesterol & ApoB in Cardiac Risk

5 minutes
Apolipoprotein B (ApoB) is the protein part of the lipoprotein particles in our bloodstream that contain cholesterol. In primary medical care, we often measure total low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or non-high-density lipoprotein (non-HDL) to help us determine risk for cardiovascular disease. As protocols are reviewed, some believe measuring ApoB is a better measure of cardiovascular risk.

lipoprotein structure


2 | How Oxytocin Works

4 minutes
We know oxytocin (OT) promotes labor contractions of the uterine myometrium. But how? New evidences helps explain the mechanism.
  • Oxytocin can regulate myometrial smooth muscle excitability by inhibiting the Na+‐activated K+ channel, Slo2.1 (research article from The Journal of Physiology)

myometrium of uterus 


3 | Sponsored by HAPS

0.5 minutes
The Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS) is a sponsor of this podcast. Did you know there's a one-day regional HAPS conference in March? Check it out. You can help appreciate their support by clicking the link below and checking out the many resources and benefits found there.
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4 | Smell Affects Cortisol / Stress

4.5 minutes
Smells in our environment can increase or decrease blood cortisol levels, indicating modulation of our stress response. In particular, the smell of a romantic partner can reduce a woman's stress. Hmmm. Might it also reduce test anxiety? Interesting...


5 | Sponsored by AAA

0.5 minute
American Association of Anatomists
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6 | Big Ideas - Essential Concepts in A&P

11.5 minutes
When telling the story of human structure & function, we want our students to identify the "big ideas" and even just the "kinda big ideas," as well as both the "main characters" and "minor characters." By making a habit of looking for the kinda big ideas, perhaps running a concept list to collect them, students may begin to understand the essential concepts of A&P. And it may help them see the connectness of the structures and functions of the body.
big idea

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