Monday, March 26, 2018

Nine Super Strategies for Teaching the Skeleton | TAPP Radio 10

New Alexa skill for this podcast!
Free media from the National Science Foundation.
Tips for teaching the skeleton.

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(4:41) A huge library of science photos, videos, audio, and other objects you can use in your course—from the National Science Foundation (NSF).
(6:56) Learning the bones and bone markings of the skeleton can be an early, scary experience for A&P students. How can we prepare and support them to learn the skeleton effectively—and learn skills to help them in their continuing studies of human anatomy?
  • Bone Names (Kevin's tip page for A&P students; located in the Lion Den website)
    • Short URL (to provide to students) is
    • Provides a brief intro to bone naming and how that helps a student learn bones and markings
    • Provides 2 videos that walk students through the process of understanding bone names as a method of learning
    • Contains highlighted links to helpful lists
      • Lists are available as a docx or PDF "handouts" to use for study
      • Lists are also available as an interactive table on the web (can be sorted)
      • Access to lists requires a free registration in the Lion Den website
  • Skeletal Posts (from Kevin's blog The A&P Student, includes all advice for students on studying the skeleton)
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Margaret Reece said...

Kevin in strategy 10 the bonus you mention enough time to learn bones. I wonder if introductory A&P tries to teach too much in too short a time. What do you think?

Kevin Patton said...

I agree completely. There is pressure from many sides to have "accelerated" class sections, including summer sessions that are shorter than a regular term. But even a 16-wk semester isn't long enough, in my opinion. I've always dreamed of a three-semester A&P sequence to replace the current 2-semester sequence. I may have to rant about this in a future episode!

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