Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Why Spaced Retrieval Practice is Your Most Powerful Teaching and Learning Tool | TAPP Radio 1

Spaced retrieval practice may be the magic spell you are looking for.
An immune role for platelets.
Why a podcast?!

In this premier episode of The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio), host Kevin Patton introduces himself and his reasons for launching this new series. (0:49)
An update regarding the role of platelets in innate immunity follows. (7:51)
Kevin then invites listeners to the Regional HAPS Conference in St. Louis. (13:04)
The featured topic is Spaced Retrieval Practice. (14:30)
More details at the episode page.
Transcript available at the script page.

If the hyperlinks above are not active, go to to find the episode page.

student taking a test

Check out the detailed notes and transcript of this episode!

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