Saturday, January 27, 2018

Testing as a Teaching Strategy | Students Learn From Tests | TAPP Radio 2

A new episode of The A&P Professor podcast (TAPP Radio) is here!

Testing is not just for assessment—tests can be a primary way to learn.
What's in the new blood pressure guidelines?
Going to the annual HAPS conference?

I encourage all anatomy and/or physiology instructors to attend the 2018 Annual Conference of the Human Anatomy and Physiology in Columbus OH. (0:50)

I summarize a few key points from the new 2017 guidelines on hypertension and their impact on how we talk about blood pressure in our A&P course. (3:45)

A previous topic, spaced retrieval practice (Episode 1), is the basis for a new discussion of Kevin's experience using online tests to provide students with regular and required spaced retrieval practice. (10:17)

More details at the episode page.
Transcript available at the script page.

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Check out the detailed notes and transcript of this episode!

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