Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Using YouTube in A&P

You've seen me use YouTube videos in my blog posts and web pages. Why not use them in your class, too?

There are many FREE YouTube videos that may enhance your discussion of the basics of human anatomy and physiology or application of concepts.

For example, you can simply take a term such as appendicitis and hyperlink it to a specific, related YouTube video that you want your students to visit. Go ahead and click the linked term in the previous sentence to see how it works.

Or you could embed a YouTube video within a webpage or PowerPoint slide:

[The video player embedded here may not appear in your news feed or emailed newsletter. Go to The A&P Professor blog to access the video viewer.]

Why use YouTube videos in your A&P course?

Here are just a few ideas:
  • Link to or embed related videos in your learning modules or outlines.

  • Link/embed videos in emails to share timely news stories related to your course topics

  • Embed videos in PowerPoint slides

  • Embed a video in an online test or quiz item

  • Ask students to find videos that relate to course topics as an assignment

  • Offer students (or student groups) the opportunity to produce their own videos related to course content.
I have many more ideas on using YouTube in your A&P course at the Using YouTube page at The A&P Professor website. There, you'll find:
  • An expanded list of ideas for how to incorporate videos into your A&P course

  • More example videos

  • Detailed instructions (including video demonstrations) on how to link or embed videos into your email, web page, or PowerPoint slide

  • Information about using videos from non-YouTube sites
Do you have some favorite YouTube videos to share? Then please "comment" on this article and include links to your favorites! OR share your own video channel on YouTube with us . . . mine is http://www.youtube.com/user/kevintpatton

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