Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secrets to Using this Blog

As more and more of you are "tuning in" to The A&P Professor blog, I thought I'd give you a few tips on how to use the blog more efficiently to improve your teaching.

1. Subscribe to the The A&P Professor FREE newsletter. That way, new posts will automatically go directly to your inbox and you'll know about "breaking news as it happens." Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.

2. Instead, or in addition, to a newsletter subscription you can subscribe in your favorite RSS reader. Click here to subscribe to the feed.

2.5. Want a feed that talks to you? Click here to subscribe to the PODCAST version of the feed. You can hear articles if you subscribe to the newsletter by clicking the speaker icon at the foot of each article.

3. Want to go back to an item that you read a while back? The simplest way is to enter a key term into the Search box at the very top edge of the blog screen. Another way is to go to the left column and scroll down to the Blog Archive section and find it by date and title.

3.5. Most articles have keywords listed at the end. At the blog, click on a keyword to automatically find all other posts with the same keyword.

4. Don't forget to go to the The A&P Professor website! I have a LOT more detailed and abundant information for you there! Click here to go to the website. Or click the logo in the left column of the blog screen.

4.5. At the The A&P Professor website, use the navigation buttons along the lower edge of the title to explore around . . . the buttons expand as your mouse rolls over them.

5. Email articles you like (or really hate) to your friends (or enemies). There's an email icon (envelope) at the bottom of each post at the blog.

6. If you read more easily in another language, automatically translate articles with the Google Translate widget in the left column of the blog.

7. Be sure to LEAVE a comment! That's how I learn new things . . . and you, too! And READ the comments of others. So far, many of the comments that have been left have been left by folks how matter (such as the subject of the article!). It's also a good way to let me know what you like and what you don't!

8. When you visit a journal article that I recommend, then SAVE it. You may want to look back at it again. PRINT it out and bring it to class to show your students that you are using the LATEST information (and one of them may actually be interested enough to read it, too!)

9. If you are intrigued by one of the images I use in an article, then click the image. Often, you'll go straight to the source . . . which is often a BIGGER image with some accompanying information. Many of the images I use are FREE for your reuse, but click for the source to make sure. If there is no link to the image, you probably can't use it.

10. Tell your friends and colleagues about the blog! The more folks we have in our little community, the more feedback and sharing we can generate!

And now for something completely different . . .

[The video player embedded here may not appear in your news feed or emailed newsletter. Go to The A&P Professor blog to access the video viewer. Go to The A&P Professor website to learn how to embed the video in your PowerPoint or webpage . . . or simply link to it from your own email or webpage.]

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