Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Our Teaching Persona in Anatomy & Physiology Class | TAPP 137

In Episode 137, host Kevin Patton explores the significance of playfulness, transparency, and authenticity in the teaching persona. Drawing from personal experiences training animals, Kevin explains how play is integral to learning, highlighting the importance of incorporating a sense of fun and embracing failures in the classroom. He also emphasizes the value of transparency by sharing our own mistakes and weaknesses, asserting that being open about flaws fosters authenticity and builds trust with students. By acknowledging vulnerabilities and demonstrating a genuine willingness to learn, educators can create a supportive and engaging learning environment. This thought-provoking discussion reminds us of the power of play and authenticity in effective teaching.

  • 00:00 | Introduction
  • 00:47 | Our Teaching Persona
  • 14:23 | Taking Responsibility
  • 22:03 | Gestures Impart Meaning
  • 32:34 | Playing Around
  • 42:54 | Authenticity
  • 47:46 | Staying Connected


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To be playful and serious at the same time is possible, and it defines the ideal mental condition. (John Dewey)


Our Teaching Persona

13.5 minutes

Kevin Patton discusses the concept of the teaching persona, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and genuine connection with students. He highlights the significance of being true to oneself while adapting and enhancing certain aspects of personality to create an engaging and effective teaching persona.

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Our Teaching Persona in Anatomy & Physiology Class | TAPP 137 

Taking Responsibility

7.5 minutes

Kevin explores the idea of the teaching persona further, emphasizing the need for flexibility and adaptability, while challenging how rigorously we should expect students to be as responsible as we imagine they should be. He discusses the importance of being responsive to students' needs and finding a balance between personal authenticity and professional expectations.

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Gestures Impart Meaning

10.5 minutes

Explore the captivating world of playfulness and the power of gestures in education with Kevin Patton. Discover how incorporating playful elements and purposeful gestures can ignite student engagement, facilitate comprehension, and foster a vibrant learning environment that encourages active participation and enhances communication between teachers and students. Unleash the transformative potential of play and gestures in your teaching practice.

★ 1 Change to How You Speak Makes What You Say 20 Percent More Memorable, Research Shows (Experiments prove that we 'listen' with our eyes as well as our ears, according to this article from Inc.) AandP.info/n7v

★ How hand gestures alter the perception of your speech (Research has found that words are more accurately heard when accompanied by hand gestures, according to this article from Big Think) AandP.info/nmn

★ Gesture (more than you care to know, probably, from the Glossary of Multimodal Terms) AandP.info/5zn

★ TED Talks (look for gestures among the most popular TED Talks on YouTube) youtu.be/iG9CE55wbtY


Playing Around

10.5 minutes

Kevin reflects on an article about the value of play in university learning and draws connections to animal training techniques. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing the challenging aspects of learning and the need for a playful and supportive atmosphere. Additionally, they discuss the significance of trust in the teacher-student relationship and the detrimental effects of a demanding and non-playful demeanor.

★ Reimagining university learning with play: restoring trust in university learning is child’s play (A utilitarian approach to undergraduate education is leading to disenchantment among students and society. It is time to put ‘play’ at the heart of learning, says Colm O’Shea in this essay) AandP.info/7bd

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5 minutes

Join Kevin Patton as he discusses the importance of acknowledging and embracing our mistakes as educators. Learn how transparency and sharing personal weaknesses can enhance authenticity, build trust, and promote a supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable making their own mistakes and growing from them.

★ Research: Why Leaders Should Be Open About Their Flaws (An article from the Harvard Business Review in which researchers asked leaders in various organizations to tell how they would introduce themselves to prospective workers. Most leaders only revealed their strengths. This is a mistake. Revealing personal foibles — as long as they are not serious personal shortcomings — makes leaders come across as authentic and generates good will and trust.) AandP.info/mt7

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