Thursday, March 9, 2023

Anatomical Sciences Education with Jason Organ | TAPP 134

In Episode 134, Jason Organ, the new Editor-in-Chief of Anatomical Sciences Education (ASE). joins us for a chat about his vision for this popular journal for anatomy and physiology faculty. Ranging from specific goals to general—and insightful—observations about teaching A&P, you'll want to listen in to this thought-provoking discussion.

00:00 | Introduction

00:54 | Introducing Jason Organ & ASE

03:31 | Sponsored by AAA

03:56 | A New Vision for ASE

16:46 | Sponsored by HAPI

17:24 | Humanity in Teaching Human A&P

28:28 | Sponsored by HAPS

28:58 | Who Reads ASE?

35:42 | Staying Connected


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The education of young people in science is at least as important, maybe more so, than the research itself. (Glenn T. Seaborg)


Introducing Jason Organ & ASE

2.5 minutes

Let's meet our guest. Even if you know Jason Organ already, you may not know all of this about him!

★ New Editor-in-Chief Selected for Anatomical Sciences Education (announcement in Anatomy Now)
★ Anatomical Sciences Education (ASE)
★ Jason Organ, PhD - Indiana University School of Medicine (faculty page)
★ PLOS SciComm (Jason's blog at the Public Library of Science)
★ Science Night podcast (Episode 3 with Jason Organ)

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Anatomical Sciences Education with Jason Organ | TAPP 134


Sponsored by AAA

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A New Vision for ASE

13 minutes

Jason Organ talks about his vision for ASE moving forward.

★ Anatomical Sciences Education (ASE)
★ The Nazi Anatomists: A Conversation with Aaron Fried | Episode 30 (discusses some of the ethical issues surrounding Nazi anatomy)
★ The Clara cell: a “Third Reich eponym”? (article on the terminology issue discussed in this segment)


Sponsored by HAPI Online Graduate Program

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The Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction—the MS-HAPI—is a graduate program for A&P teachers, especially for those who already have a graduate/professional degree. A combination of science courses (enough to qualify you to teach at the college level) and courses in contemporary instructional practice, this program helps you be your best in both on-campus and remote teaching. Kevin Patton is a faculty member in this program at Northeast College of Health Sciences. Check it out!

Logo of Northeast College of Health Sciences, Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction


Humanity in Teaching Human A&P

11 minutes

The problematic history of eponyms and progress in inclusiveness in anatomy get us started on a discussion of the value of an interdisciplary approach to teaching A&P.

★ What are the benefits of interdisciplinary study? (article from OpenLearn summarizing why students benefit from thinking across multiple disciplines)
★ Teaching vulval anatomy in the twenty-first century: The Australian experience (the recent ASE article mentioned in this segment)
★ Early View (collection of pre-publication articles in ASE)
★ Browse a sample issue of ASE


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Who Reads ASE?

6.5 minutes

Jason talks about the expanding audience of ASE. It turns out that YOU can benefit from browsing and reading ASE!

★ Join AAA (take a look at membership options that include a subscription to ASE)



Guest: Dr. Jason Organ

Production: Aileen Park (announcer), Andrés Rodriguez (theme composer,  recording artist), team (transcription), Kevin Patton (writer, editor, producer, host)



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