Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Skin's Microbiome & Other Stories | TAPP 114

Skin's microbiome is essential for health. In this episode, host Kevin Patton explores that concept and introduces a new recommendation in The A&P Professor Book ClubClean: The New Science of the Skin. Also, science updates about B vitamins and skeletal adaptations in human birth—and a listener revisits academic integrity involved in deadline leniency.

00:00 | Introduction

00:45 | Revisiting Deadline Leniency

09:21 | Sponsored by AAA

10:08 | Shoulders and Birth

13:01 | Missing B Vitamins

17:32 | Sponsored by HAPI

18:43 | Skin's Microbiome

34:44 | Sponsored by HAPS

35:56 | Clean: The New Science of Skin

40:59 | Staying Connected


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Revisiting Deadline Leniency

8.5 minutes

A&P faculty Heather Armbruster writes in with some stories that related to Episode 112's discussion of deadline leniency. She relates some incidents involving academic dishonesty. Did you know that students can buy medical excuses online?!

Should We Extend Deadlines? | Models & Color Codes | TAPP 112

Promoting Academic Integrity in Our Course | Episode 25

Modeling Professional Integrity | Episode 26

The Cheater! Academic Integrity in Remote Learning | TAPP 81

Collage for Skin's Microbiome & Other Stories | TAPP 114


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Shoulders and Birth

2.5 minutes

In the story of the human body we tell in our A&P course, we may emphasize the practical issues of squeezing the large head of the fetus through the birth canal during labor and delivery. And we may mention the wide shoulders, too. A new study shows that human shoulder development is delayed (compared to other primates) until after birth. Wow.

★ Human shoulder development is adapted to obstetrical constraints (journal article from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) AandP.info/g4v


Missing B Vitamins

4.5 minutes

Sometimes students notice the "missing" B vitamins in their A&P textbook. Where are the B vitamins 4, 8, 10, and 11? The mystery is solved in this segment!

★ Long Lost B Vitamins - B4, B8, B10, B11 (one of many medical/nutrition posts that address this issue) AandP.info/urn


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The Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction—the MS-HAPI—is a graduate program for A&P teachers, especially for those who already have a graduate/professional degree. A combination of science courses (enough to qualify you to teach at the college level) and courses in contemporary instructional practice, this program helps you be your best in both on-campus and remote teaching. Kevin Patton is a faculty member in this program at Northeast College of Health Sciences. Check it out!


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Skin's Microbiome

16 minutes

Revisiting the concept of the microbiome—this time focusing on the skin microbiome—Kevin finds an excuse to provide a Word Dissection and tell some stories from the olden days. This segment serves as an unnecessarily long prelude to the current recommendation in The A&P Professor Book Club, described in a later segment.

The Human Microbial System | Episode 47

The Elephant Episode | Episode 31

★ An Ecological Framework of the Human Virome Provides Classification of Current Knowledge and Identifies Areas of Forthcoming Discovery (from Yale J Biol Med, summarizes history of term microbiome) AandP.info/7fo

★ Microbiomes: An Origin Story (from American Soc for Microbiology, discusses history of microbiome concept) AandP.info/57r


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Clean: The New Science of Skin

5 minutes

A new recommendation from Book Club for Anatomy & Physiology Professors!

Clean: The New Science of Skin

★ by James Hamblin MD


Get your digital credential for reading/listening to this book at TAPP Education | Credentials | B Group



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