Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Episode 52 Intro | TAPP Radio Preview

A brief preview of the upcoming full episode 52, featuring upcoming topics that include case studies, brain mapping, age reversal, left-handedness and tips for answering student questions.

working together

There's more... some word dissections and Kevin's recommendation for The A&P Professor Book Club.


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1 minute

  • Using case studies in teaching A&P
  • Issues with trying to map out (parcellate) the human brain
  • A claim that the body's biological age can be reversed
  • Have we found the genes for left-handedness?
  • Responding to individual student questions: tips & tricks

Word Dissections

10.5 minutes

  • Case
  • Hypercalcemia
  • Parcellation
  • Atlas
  • Epigenetic and Epigenome

Book Club

4.5 minutes

  • Heart: A History
  • Special opportunity
    • Contribute YOUR book recommendation for A&P teachers!
    • First five submitted and used will be in a drawing for a Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet
    • Any contribution used will receive a $25 gift certificate
    • The best contribution is one that you have recorded in your own voice (or in a voicemail at 1-833-LION-DEN)
  • Check out The A&P Professor Book Club

Heart: A History

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