Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking for a new one-semester A&P textbook?

I'm excited about the recent publication of my latest textbook for A&P students!  Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology is designed for use in one-semester A&P courses. 

Coauthors Gary Thibodeau and Matt Douglas worked closely with me and a very talented team of creative editors and scientific illustrators to produce a textbook that students will love to use.

What?  A text book that students will actually use?!  How can that be?

Let me summarize just two of the many reasons:
  • This book is the most visually oriented textbook in its niche.
    • There are more illustrations than in most other one-semester books, providing students with additional visual help in mastering concepts.

    • Each illustration is carefully designed for maximum learning effectiveness.

    • Most figures include a detailed "walk through" that explains the meaning of image, rather than merely providing a perfunctory title.

    • It includes the Clear View of the Human Body, a bound-in set of transparency overlays that provide a virtual dissection experience for readers as they peel away (or add) layers of the body from either an anterior view or a posterior view.  This experience allows readers to develop a sense of anatomical relationships among body structures.

    • Numerous summary  tables act as graphic organizers to help students see relationships among concepts.

    • We worked hard to get the images and tables close to related text.  This kind of visual integration not as easy at is sounds, requiring several passes at the layout to "get it right" and creatively fit everything together.

  • This text is carefully constructed to be easy to read and easy to raid.  Polls conducted with my students show that most students who use a textbook use some combination of reading chapter sections straight through and simply raiding parts of chapter sections when they need to find something.

    • Even strong readers have some difficulty reading highly technical scientific texts.  We use straightforward, conversational language to communicate difficult terminology and difficult concepts.

    • This text breaks the material down into smaller chapters so that readers do not get overwhelmed and get so discouraged they won't read the book.

    • Our page design uses many levels of bold headings to help students understand the organization of concepts as they read and to find specific concepts when they raid.

    • I worked with reading specialists and ESL teachers to find ways to make the book more accessible to all readers.  For example:

      • We include a significantly larger glossary than most texts in this market. 

      • In-chapter pronunciation guides for all boldface terms used in each students master the language of A&P.

    • We provide the meanings of word parts for all boldface terms so that students can start building their skills in understanding scientific terminology

    • A comprehensive outline summary at the end of each chapter visually organizes concepts so that readers can solidify their comprehension of the chapter.

      •  Downloadable audio chapter summaries (included in the included online resources) can be used along with the printed chapter summaries to strengthen understanding even more.
And that's just a small sample of the many unique features of our new Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology. You really do need to see it for yourself!

Want to know more?

If you go to the electronic brochure, you can view a sample chapter, get a list of available ancillaries, learn about the complete online course available with the textbook,  and request a FREE examination copy.

Click the link:

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