Thursday, February 17, 2011

Concept Lists and Concept Maps

I've recently posted two new videos that help students learn A&P to my YouTube channel.

You are welcome to use them in your course by linking to them or by embedding them in your website, LMS (learning management system), or PowerPoint presentation.  Or you can just keep them in mind when students come to you looking for study tips.  Or they may just spark some ideas of your own!

Concept Lists - A Powerful Study Strategy 
Running concept lists are a great way to build up what you are learning layer by layer, while at the same time learning relationships between different concepts. If you run your concept lists faithfully, you will also have a handy "personal encyclopedia" of concepts and how they are related.  (Closed Captioned)

The Concept Lists video is also embedded in one of my Lion Den Study Tips & Tools pages entitled Concept Lists.

Concept Maps - A Learning & Study Strategy 
Concepts maps (mind maps) help you understand relationships in human anatomy and physiology in ways that deepen understanding. This video summarizes what a concept maps is, how to make and use one, and outlines some examples of different styles of concept maps.  (Closed Captioned)

The Concep Maps video is also embedded in one of my Lion Den Study Tips & Tools pages entitled Concept Maps

Want to present your own version of any of these study tips? Perhaps embed parts of them into your own presentations? You are welcome to use the slides, which can be found in the Lion Den Slide Collection.  (To use the slides, you'll need the password for downloading them.  Just fill in the form to get the password if you don't already have it.)
When using the direct links, you need to have the super-secret, magic password ready!

Want more slides? More study tip materials to share with your students?  In an upcoming post, I'll be sharing a few more, ok? 

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