Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why cells cooperate

Here's a nice little "animated clay" video that zeroes in on the "society of cells" concept that lies at the heart of homeostasis.   Because it goes on to emphasize the role of reproductive cells in a multicellular organism, it may be useful to help our A&P students connect reproduction to the concept of overall body homeostasis.

I saw this video on public radio's Science Friday website, where they have a weekly video recommendation.

The video comes from a collection of videos at that are truly amazing.  Not very many directly relate to human anatomy and physiology . . . but, wow, they are fascinating.  For example, a recent posting discusses how mitochondria and other erstwhile endosymbionts can play a variety of roles such as acting as lenses for simple animals. I teach the serial endosymbiosis theory (SET)  in my A&P course . . . so this little factoid may help spice up that discussion.

So watch the FREE video about cell cooperation in a multicellular organism and let me know what you think!

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