Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HAPS 2009 in Baltimore

Heads up! The "early bird special" for the 2009 Annual Conference in Baltimore MD is about to expire. After January 31, you'll have to pay a premium to attend the event of the year for A&P professors.

Go to the home page for HAPS (Human Anatomy and Physiology Society) to find the link to register for this great conference. If you've never been to one of these, you have no idea how great they are. Really. I guarantee that no matter what type of A&P course you teach, you'll find this meeting to wildly exceed any expectations you have.

While you're there, you can amplify your experience by also participating in one of several short graduate biology courses offered by HAPS Institute (HAPS-I). For more information on the HAPS-I program and the "conference courses" offered in conjunction with the Baltimore meeting, go to the HAPS-I start page.

Fair warning! The HAPS-I courses were opened about a week ago, and they are already nearly half full! These are great courses, so they fill up fast. Don't dilly-dally, my friends!

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