Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Problems with images and videos in Outlook & other email

I recently found out that images that I've been using in my blog articles are working fine in browsers and browser-based email programs. But if you are getting the Newsletter versions of my blog entries, then you are often getting huge or distorted images imbedded in the articles.

Oh my gosh, sometimes they're humungous!

Anyway, I've tracked down the source of the problem and from now on this should not happen again!

Also, it turns out that YouTube videos that are embedded in the blog articles will not always show up in the feed or newsletter. That's not something I can fix . . . it's the nature of the technology. But there is an easy work-around . . . just click the link of the title of the article to go to the blog entry directly to see the article WITH all embedded videos.

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