Friday, July 4, 2008


This blog, and it's companion website The A&P Professor, is an outgrowth of something I started at my original website, Lion Den. In providing resources for my own students, I found that many other A&P professors from around the world were interested in using some of them for their own students. So I began posting A&P teaching resources at Lion Den specifically for my colleagues.

I also found that my work in writing a series of A&P textbooks, lab manuals, and reference books necessarily led me to be continually research updated concepts, new learning methods, and new teaching tools. All of which I'm itching to share with my colleagues. Collaboration and collegiality are some of the things I really like about academic life!

So this blog and The A&P Professor website will be a vehicle for sharing what I have . . . and is certainly open for you to share what you have!

I'll also be keeping you up to date with our textbooks and related materials. And some of the teaching and learning concepts behind why the books are constructed in the manner they are. Even for those of you that don't use them, you'll find what I have to tell you interesting and useful.

(By the way, The A&P Professor website is not quite ready. But I'll be sure to post it's Grand Opening on this blog when it is ready!)

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